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Healix 180 | Catherine Oxenberg | Transforming unresolved trauma into trauma informed growth

Turning kryptonite
into gold

transforming unresolved trauma into trauma informed growth

Healix¹⁸⁰ is powered by COF 501-c-3 FEIN #82-1511988, a public charity


empower people to reclaim their health

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India Oxenberg and Catherine Oxenberg. Photo Credit: Phylicia J.L Munn

Photo Credit: Phylicia J.L Munn


Healix 180

Our vision is to offer HOPE, provide SOLUTIONS, and relieve SUFFERING.

Healix is our ongoing mother/daughter collaboration dedicated to optimizing healing, recovery and transformation for people struggling with PTSD, CPTSD, trauma-related illnesses and chronic pain. Our goal is to seek out thought leaders in the fields of mental health and wellness and to explore new evidence-based therapies which aim beyond symptom management. A PTSD diagnosis CAN be reversed. Chronic pain CAN be reversed. Complete recovery is possible. Recent scientific research has discovered that the brain is capable of neuroplasticity and synaptogenesis. Simply put the brain can regenerate, grow and rewire. There is a neuro-biological component to PTSD; trauma can alter brain function, and yet it is now proven that these maladaptations are reversible. There are new resources on the horizon. Therapeutics such as ketamine which can accelerate healing and mental flexibility, alleviate anxiety, depression and pain. And mindbody protocols to initiate new neural circuits and establish healthier behaviors. Trauma-informed growth — turning kryptonite into gold — is the ability to extract wisdom from our experiences. One of the ways this becomes possible is by facing the root cause of our suffering, on our own terms, in order to take back our power. And in doing so, we are able to face the future, free from the shackles of the past. It is our lifelong mission to empower people to reclaim their health and to help find the most effective ways to treat trauma and make them more accessible and affordable. Healing can be lonely, expensive and often demoralizing. It was for us. We hope that the resources we have, and will continue to aggregate, may save other fellow wanderers time and expense and most of all, years of needless suffering.

Photo Credit: Magdalena  Wosinski


Catherine Oxenberg on How Ketamine Helped Her Overcome NXIVM Trauma: ‘A Miracle’ 

After years spent freeing her daughter from a dangerous cult, the former 'Dynasty' star found herself in physical agony. Then she tried an unconventional therapy

Catherine Oxenberg Foundation

"The Catherine Oxenberg Foundation (COF) supports survivors of sexual assault suffering from PTSD. Through the COF’s scholarship program HEALIX IMMERSION, survivors of sexual trauma will participate in professionally monitored and administered psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

As has been widely publicized, recent research undertaken by doctors and scientists at major research universities continue to validate the meaningful contribution psychedelic medicine can make in many areas of mental health. The Foundation seeks to focus these new therapies on the treatment of the mental health needs of sexual abuse survivors."


Healix Immersion Scholarship Program

The Catherine Oxenberg Foundation is offering full and partial scholarships for our Healix Immersion Program for female survivors of sexual assault. Our programs range from 5 - 10 days of on-site treatment, with 3-6 months of post-integration continuing care with our licensed clinicians. The application process will be available soon. 

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