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DISCLAIMER: HEALIX 180 does not promote or condone the use of illegal substances. We advocate safe and responsible use of psychedelic therapeutics under the care and supervision of licensed practitioners.

India's Protocol

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, or a licensed therapist, or any of those things. I’m just a fellow seeker who’s looking for a better sense of my own mind and body and how to work with that. I don’t know anything about your body, or your constitution, or where you’re at in your own mental health journey. Don’t forget to check in with yourself, your doctor, and your support system, whoever you trust. But refer to you. I started off with talk therapy. Talk therapy was quite difficult, and finding the right therapist for me was key. Then I moved into trying a number of different therapies. I started more in the somatic realm, which helped me to get present in my body. I didn't know what I was feeling most of the time. I felt like my mind and my body were two separate entities in constant conflict or denial. I started using cannabis, which reduced anxiety, panic attacks and helped me with sleep (I can go more into it on my podcast, “Still Learning”). I tried MDMA and psilocybin in small amounts. Trying these medicines with supervision was a game changer for me, and I was able to do them in a comfortable setting that made me feel safe to let go. I started taking ketamine at home, which alleviated night terrors and helped me build a healthier internal dialogue. When it came to psychedelics, I started using them as an alternative to SSRIs. I suffered from severe C-PTSD as well as a number of “disabilities'' and labels like “dyslexia," "ADHD,” “anxiety,” and “depression.” There were points where I became unrecognizable to myself — if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. So I’ve looked to psychedelics to help with mental flexibility, build neural pathways, and give myself freedom from some very well ingrained, less desirable patterns. In addition, I used a lot of things in my recovery that added to healing, such as dancing, boxing, tapping meditations, and techniques to regulate my nervous system. I also enjoy guided meditations, but I was very careful about my selection and who I was willing to let influence me. I feel like my life was so different only five years ago. Now, even on days where I feel down or self conscious or anxious about life, I can still find a little more calm in the storm. I feel like that feeling is worth fighting for. Every personal win makes me feel stronger inside. I think one of the biggest mistakes I made was believing that someone outside of me knew what was better for me than myself. Obviously trusted guidance is key. But I think anyone trying to sell you a magic pill or a magic person can be a slippery slope. I think everyone should have access to affordable medicine, tools, and tangible options for healing. No more shame in the pain. Everyone experiences trauma at some point, and no one needs to suffer in silence. A little hope and having someone believe in you can go a long way.

India's Microdosing Vlog


Psychedelic Trailblazers (with or without medicine)

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Julane Andries LMFT & Dr. Phil Wolfson

Pioneers in Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) - The Center for Transformational Psychotherapy.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Dr. Matt Cook & Barbara Branaman

Leaders of regenerative medicine - BioReset Medical.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Dr. JoQueta Handy PhD, IMD, SLP, CCC

Our microdosing expert.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg

The mycologist.

"Meet Jonathan" and "Guide to Growing Mushrooms"- coming soon!

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Amy Budden

Our expert neurohacker and brain trainer - Connect The Mind.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Limitless App

A breakthrough metacognitive support tool that empowers the listener to take control of their mental state.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg

A science-backed, at-home ketamine treatment for anxiety and depression in combination with holistic self-healing practices.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

MAPS is a nonprofit organization that provides public resources and leadership to create legal, responsible, evidence-based pathways to psychedelics, charting a course since 1986.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Psychedelic Support

The leading online education and therapeutic platform in the psychedelic space advocating for mental health and wellbeing worldwide.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Psychedelic Medicine Association

A society of physicians, therapists, and health care professionals looking to advance their education on the therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicines.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Psychedelic Survivors

A website dedicated to supporting survivors of abuse, assault, and/or direct personal harm within the context of psychedelic therapy, sessions, or ceremony.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Psychedelic Pharmacist

The Leading Non-Profit Devoted to Pharmacists Advancing Psychedelics as Medicines


Huberman Lab: Ketamine: Benefits and Risks for Depression, PTSD & Neuroplasticity

How ketamine causes rewiring of brain circuits.

Psychedelic Medicine Podcast with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski & Laura Mae Northrup MFT

Psychedelics and Sexual Trauma.

The Tim Ferriss Show with Dr. John Krystal

All Things Ketamine.


Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg

Michael Pollan

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg

Phil Wolfson & Glenn Hartelius

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg

Jonathan Edwards

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg

Brian C. Muraresku

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Magic Bag

The good-karma, organic, all-in-one mushroom grow bag. Just add spores.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Gold Organics

Big Orgasm is a chocolate bar formulated to stimulate your sexual energy

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg
Brilliant Blends

Adaptogen Blends for Everyone

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg

This guided journal is filled with over 50 creative thinking exercises.

Psychedelic Healing | Catherine Oxenberg

Mushrooms and adaptogenic plants to support cognition, sustained energy, and libido.

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