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Healix Immersion | Catherine Oxenberg

Healix Immersion Retreats


Catherine Oxenberg Foundation is responding to an urgent need to provide therapeutic support for women survivors of sexual assault by creating HEALIX IMMERSION, a program specifically developed for recovery from trauma. Our goal is to establish a gold standard for an integrative model of care. We plan to offer this program through our scholarship program. 

The highest population of people with PTSD and CPTSD are female sexual assault survivors. The global statistics are staggering. It is estimated that approximately one-third of all women have been victims of some form of sexual violence and abuse. 


Phase 1. 

We launched HEALIX IMMERSION, a 7-month pilot program, in March 2023. Currently, we have two more retreats planned for 2023, one of them is a collaboration with HEROIC HEARTS, to treat female veterans who experienced MSV - military sexual violence. 


Phase 2. 

We plan to roll out more retreats, offering full and partial scholarships, prioritizing female sexual assault survivors. An application process is coming soon! 

We need your help!


Healix Immersion Launch

In March 2023, India invited a group of five women from Canada, USA and Mexico to participate in the first HEALIX IMMERSION pilot program. She had met all of them as a result of sharing her experiences in the nxivm cult in the documentary series she produced and starred in 'Seduced.'  All the participants were cult survivors, all had been victims of sexual violence, some of them had come from families who had been in their respective cults for three and four generations. They all suffered from C-PTSD and suicidal ideation. The majority were whistleblowers, some of their abusers were either behind bars or had recently been arrested. 

The following footage was taken during the retreat.

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